Sunday, April 18, 2010

get ready.

So, this weekend has gone by crazy fast.
I had so many things I should have gotten done that didn't get done.
Because I'm really good at procrastinating

(example #1: I have a new blog design)

But, I also have a math test tomorrow and a paper/presentation due Wednesday.
And yet, I still manage to find time to blog stalk

(Yes, it's official. I'm one of "those creeps". I'm really good at this stalking thing. In fact, the other day I was on facebook and was stalking someone until I figured out it was "crazy stalker dude". No, he's not a real stalker. Just someone I accidentally gave my number to. Um oops. Long story. I'm still wondering-does all the stalking cancel each other out? Or is it just super creepo. Ivy, you can't answer. I already know your opinion on the subject matter.)

But, in the midst of the chaos of this week, I decided to add more chaos. Because chaos is:
A. Fun to spell
B. Fun to add more to
C. All of the above
I mean, why not add something more to the pile?

This week, I'm doing something called "A Week in the Life" You can click on the link to get more information on it if you want to join in. Because it sounds like fun and you know that you want to add some more chaos to your life. Come on.

Here's the basic deal.
For one week, you basically journal and take pictures of everything you do. Basically, you create a scrapbook of everything that you do in the course of the week. I really wish I could find my small digital camera (the one that sounds like a dying cat) so that I wouldn't have to tote the big camera around. But, my phone takes pretty good pictures, so I think I should be fine.
Also, I'm going to try and blog about the day and the pictures and all too. I think it would be fun. Then, when I finish the scrapbook (ahem, this summer) I'll post pictures of that too! Sound fun? Want to join me? Go here!

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  1. whoa! I really like your new blog design. and the "week in the life" sounds really cool. :]