Wednesday, April 7, 2010

update on life.

So. Life.
It's pretty good right now.

Aside from the fact my "Teaching Creative Arts" class is full and the teacher won't email me back.
Registration went pretty good this year.
I got the classes I wanted at the times I wanted.
This Fall, I'll only be on campus 2 days a week (Good thing because of the 30 minute commute!)
Well, aside from my methods class.
I can't sign up for that yet because I haven't been admitted to Professional Ed.
I mean,
I know I'll get in because the only criteria left is grades for 2 classes I'm in right now.
I just have to get a C...and I have an A+++ and a steady B.
So, I'm pretty sure it'll all work out.
I just have to get in that class.
Which could be difficult if it fills up...
But, I always have the "I only have 9 hours right now, and I'll get dropped from my parent's insurance if I'm not a full time student" line, right?
Or, we can think positively that I'll get the scholarships I applied for, and then I'll need the 12 hours, or I'll lose the scholarship.
Or, we can just think positively that the classes won't be full, right?

And Summer classes went pretty good.
I have night classes, with the exception of one afternoon half term class
And the creative arts one I'm waiting patiently to be placed in.

Funny registration tale.
If you follow me on Twitter (@leadam)
You have already read part of the story.
Here's the setting:
I was in my bed and Mom was next to me.
I was going to show her how registration works
And how stressful it is.
So, 8 AM comes and I rush to imput all my CRNs
(It was a much bigger rush at AU, not quiet as much at AUM)
And then I get 3 of my classes,
But a notice pops up.
I'm missing a prereq- Cal 1.
Now, I know that Elementary Education doesn't require Calculus.
I checked.
I wouldn't be an Elementary Education major if that was the case.
I mean,
Why would Cal 1 be a prereq for Elementary Math 2?
Then, I discovered IT.
I imput the wrong CRN.
Got some numbers mixed up...and....
Almost accidentally registered for CALCULUS 2.
Um, oops.
That would have been an unpleasant surprise on the first day of class.
I never thought I would say it,
Thank God for prerequisites! :)

Baseball season has officially begun.
We had our first game last night.
Desi's team won 12-0.
He got a home run.
I know, I'm bragging....
But, what can I say?
I'm a proud sister. :)

On a completely unrelated note,
I had grand plans to do a Before-After of my room.
Before cleaning
And after cleaning.
I even took pictures.
But, we never reached the after portion.
Or got terribly far out of the before.
You may have to wait awhile on that post.
The pictures are pretty spiffy
Thanks to Mr.Wide Angle Lens.

So this has been a really long post.
And no pictures.
Because I'm lazy and haven't taken many lately.
Though, I'm a little surprised Mom didn't break out the camera for registration day.
I mean,
I looked cute.
I was all dressed up because I had to go do observations that day.
She totally could have.
But she didn't.
So, I have no pictures.
Because you can't see the "Befores" until the "Afters" occur.
Um, yeah.
I'm going to put you out of your misery now.

If you're still reading...that is.

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