Thursday, December 23, 2010

book review: dining with joy

So, I received a book to review via BookSneeze a few months ago (as in October-ish). And forgot about it until I found it in the pile of books. Um, oops. Sorry. So, here's my review.

I loved this book. No, really. Dining With Joy by Rachel Hauck is an amazing novel about a young woman named Joy Ballard who hosts a cooking show. Since I like Food Network, I thought this would be an interesting read. You see, Joy and I have a few things in common. Such as...we both have a Daddy that cooks really good food. And...that we can't really cook all that great (Case in point, I was decorating some sugar cookie people for the holidays and those "little red dresses"? Totally make them look like murder victims. Um, oops.). And for Joy, the drama in her life flairs up...oh, right about the time she gets the big primetime TV spot (that she hasn't been wanting) and she falls in love with the ever-handsome, creative, I-really-need-to-meet-this-guy-in-real-life, Luke Redmond. Oh yeah, and did I mention...the cooking thing (or lack thereof) is a total secret to the rest of the world (aside from her family, producer, and sous chef). So, things are only going to get more interesting when Wanda, Joy's arch enemy that wants that primetime TV spot, finds out the secret and sets her mind on destroying Joy's career. So, is Joy able to find joy in the mess? How does she deal with the imminent disaster? Oh- and Luke. Do they fall in love and live happily ever after?

Well, you'll have to read the book to find that out.
I'm not telling. :)

(So, I really shouldn't put off posting these reviews. Because it makes me post a bijillion in a weeks time frame. Or so it seems. Sorry guys, this is the last for now. And- if I haven't made it clear before in reviews, I received this book from BookSneeze. For nada. You should join, especially if you like to read, because it makes the hobby a lot more affordable. And I didn't have do give a positive review. But, you know. I liked it.)

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