Monday, December 20, 2010

oh, darling don't you ever grow up...

I'm really into the whole sewing thing right now. Which kind of stinks because I'm leaving for college (yeah, you read that right, this girl is living in a dorm again!) again in January and I won't have Mom's little sewing machine. I guess I'll come home on the weekends to get my fix. Or learn to hand sew better than I currently do (I stink at it). But this sewing thing isn't all together bad, I mean, I can make cheap clothes! And since I'm kind of into the dress/skirt thing (well, sometimes), it works nicely. So, today, I sewed a skirt.

I paid $4.19 for a yard fabric (30% off at Hobby Lobby AND I only used a little more than half) and I paid about $3 for the elastic. $8ish isn't a bad price for a skirt, especially since I had leftover fabric. In my mind, at least.
This is my "look what I made" look. 

I used this tutorial over at Ruffles and Stuff. Though it is supposedly a "20 Minute Skirt", it took me a little longer. Of course, everything takes me a little longer. I need to work on my gathering skills a little so that the fabric doesn't bunch up in places, but overall, I really like how it turned out. Another thing I like about this skirt is the variety of ways to wear it. I made another skirt a few weeks ago from an old shirt (and it was a DISASTER, I'm not even kidding), and with that one (like most) I could only really wear it under a shirt. But, with this skirt, because of the wide elastic, I can wear it over OR under the shirt. Which is pretty cool in my mind, not gonna lie! :)

Photography by Desmond. Nine year old brothers
do come in handy sometimes!

Desmond and I did a little Christmas shopping this morning when we went into town to get the fabric. After we did our shopping, we stopped at Waffle House for a little bite to eat. I mean, really. Waffles are like the most nutritious lunch you could dream of, right? We listened to Taylor Swift in the car while we were driving. Because she's my fave right now. And, precious moment, people? He wanted to listen to the "never grow up" song" (listen here). I mean, it's like my favorite song on the CD and I love singing it with him. 

And that would be the title of the blog post... :)


  1. You look so cute! It looks like you did a great job!

  2. I'm really impressed! My mom can sew like nobody's business but I have never taken the time to learn... it looks like you did a really good job!

  3. I love your blog! I am your newest follower!