Monday, January 24, 2011

Notable News

So what? I'm a toal news junkie. I love reading the news. I mean, I check Google News more than I do Facebook now (Uh, oh!). So I thought I'd post some recent stories and what I thought about them.

  • Oprah Finds Long Lost Half Sister. I'm for real, yall. This sounds like something that would happen on, well, Oprah...and now the lady's gone and done it herself. I have to admit to laughing when I first read the headline. Then I happy cried a little over the reunion. I mean, come on. Everyone loves a long-lost reunion!
  • Rahm Declared Ineligible to Run For Mayor. Sorry Charlie (well, Rahm). You really should have known that if you don't live in the city for the year, you can't really run to be it's mayor. I mean, this is Chicago. Someone was going to challenge you. It has to really stink knowing you could still be sitting in the White House right now. I mean, your BFF Barack is really partying it up without you. Now, you're stuck in Chi-town without a mayoral position to run for. Sorry dude, you can't always get what you want. It's not really as much of a surprise as you think it is. Move on. Tough nubs (as Desi would say).
  • China Decides to Go to the Moon. Um, China? We (the US of A) did that back in the 60s. As in 1960's. Going to the moon is old news.Maybe if you announce that you're sending a man to Mars, we'll take note. But, Mr. Obama? See this as proof that you really don't want to get rid of NASA. I mean, yes, it's old news. But China has pretty much become a beast over the years. And because of all the loans we owe them...we really don't need them getting ahead of us in something else. I know you like all their socialism and all...but I don't. Okay? Okay.
  • Credit Cards Aren't Cool Anymore. In an age where we care so little about security, companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are making money by making it possible to pay using your smartphone, instead of a credit card.  It's called "bumping". And apparently, it's all the rage. But, I think that this is just one example about how we are becoming too dependent on our smartphones. I'm just thinking it would be way too easy for someone to hack into the system and make a bunch of charges on your account. Easier than a credit card at least.
And that is Notable News with Lauren. (Don't you wish you had me around to write your current events paper?). Haha. :)

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  1. I may or may not boast my own addiction to Yahoo! news, haha.

    And you're right about Oprah - that would be the kind of thing that happens on her show.