Wednesday, January 12, 2011

whoa, second day.

I feel like I've been insanely lazy since this cold weather has moved in. I mean, I'm working on my school work and all (because I have professors that assign papers due the second day of class...*sigh*). But, I have absolutely no desire to leave my room and wander around campus. I'm not even wanting to walk to the dining hall. Ridiculous.

And reading this little book called Asking the Right Questions (insanely expensive little book, mind you. 40 bucks for a 176 page book.) doesn't make my day better. It's quite boring. And I have to read 2 chapters by Friday. Along with writing a summary of an article about food stamps. Though, reading this story by Joel Chandler Harris was pretty funny. Especially when you're all alone in your dorm room, so you read it aloud in a super southern accent. Everything sounds better that way. :)

Positive note: I got mail today. I got a letter from Sandra with a new picture of my sweet child. When I go home this weekend, I'm going to scan it in. Because 'yall, she's so precious that I just have to share her with you. She also colored me a cute Christmas picture. I also got a letter from my sweet little cousin Natalie that makes me feel extremely confident in our U.S. Postal Service. If they can get this sweet child's letter with the wrong zip code and my city spelled as a 6 year old would (which I can't hold against her. it's pretty hard to spell).

In addition, if you haven't heard (like, if you fell of the planet or something), Auburn won the National Championship. Um, yes. War Eagle. Can I say heart attack. For real, most stressful game of my life. I'm not going to go on and on about it (because I don't want to annoy anyone), but I'm pretty happy. And, since we live in the great state of Alabama, the trophy is going on a tour of Walmarts this weekend. Oh darn. I can't make fun of people from the other side of the state anymore about that. :)

Now, I've got a few math problems left that need to be done before tomorrow. And then, I might just change into my jammies, crawl under my covers, and read a good book. After all, I am a college student. And it is cold outside. But, I'll probably finish listening to this Mr. David Platt podcast I'm listening to. :)


  1. Ok, so I just wrote this big long comment, and forgot to enter the stupid verification code at the end. Basically, I'm free tomorrow after 12:30 so call me.
    Happy third day of school tomorrow!

  2. whoa, that's crazy. i have 16, 17 papers or so to write this semester. shank me much? then again, i am a lit major.
    apparently i fell off the face of the planet {or simply operated through another normal day in the life of annie ;] }, because i didn't hear who had won, although i saw auburn up by about a touchdown or so at one point {the game was on after our campus praise rally monday}. i thought of all my blogger friends who support auburn and said a silent "war eagle!" for y'all. glad to hear they won! :]