Monday, January 10, 2011

something new.

So...I'm all moved in! Yay!

Classes were supposed to start today, but due to the "winter storm" they were postponed until tomorrow. This "'winter storm" that was supposed to cause ice and snow. And yet...did...nothing. Alabama tends to overreact on these things. And while I'm glad for a little downtime, part of me wants to just get into the swing of things. I'm just ready to figure all of this out and meet new people and all. This semester, I'm taking Math for Natural Sciences, Survey of Old Testament, Practicing the Art of Critical Thinking, Quantitative Methods (basically a Stats class), and American Lit 2. 15 hours shouldn't be that hard, right?

I've figured out how to eat at the dining hall (swipe your card, go through the line...and the food is pretty gross. Just saying). And I know where the laundry/ice/trash room is. I'm just hanging out in the room. Hopefully it will get a little more exciting and busy as the semester unfolds. :)

Another item of note. Annie asked on my last post about these changes in my life. I don't remember if I've posted all of this before, but I have transfered to Huntingdon College in Montgomery. It's a small Methodist liberal arts private college. I also have changed my major to Business. So, yeah! Fun changes. :)


  1. Exciting! I hope your first week goes great! Your side of the room look cute!

  2. thanks for the update! :]
    curious - is the american lit for gen. ed., then? and you'll have to let me know what you read during the semester - i took american lit last winter for my english major and it'd be interesting to see how similar they are. {or maybe that's just the english nerd in me - ha!}