Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project Life: Week 4

So, I have a picture for Saturday. I promise. But, I took it with Mom's camera, so it's on her computer because I forgot to grab it this weekend when I went home. Oh, well. Maybe next week? So, this week is going to start on Sunday (for my blog. My scrapbook will have Saturday's potato cannon picture in it!)

Since I really don't want to post three times in one day (that would get a little annoying, right?), I figured I would post my last bit of business at the bottom of this post. There's a sweet mama-to-be at my church (well, she's already got one precious little girl, but she's expecting her second in a few weeks) that I wanted to make something for. I've been wanting to make a baby blanket/baby quilt for-ev-er now, so I decided to make one! Since the little one's name starts with an "A", I decided a small monogram at the bottom would be sweet! The back of the blanket/quilt is a pink zebra printed flannel and I think it is oh-so-very CUTE! :)