Saturday, July 23, 2011

weekend playlist.

So, I haven't done a summer playlist since last month.
Totally planned on making it a regular feature. It just hasn't happened.
I was thinking (a dangerous pastime, I know). And while I was thinking, some songs popped into my head.
And I was thinking that I should make a summer playlist of these songs. I'm going to blame it on summer mission trips bringing back "old school" worship songs from middle school and that bringing me back to the "days of old" and non-worship Christian music of the early 2000s. Gosh. I do this reminiscing thing too much for a twenty-something.

1. Beautiful- Bethany Dillon
2. God Of Wonders- Caedmon's Call
3. This is Your Time- Michael W. Smith
4. Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble- Delirious?
5. More- Matthew West
6. Dream- Michelle Tumes
7. Written on My Heart- Plus One
8. I Want to Know You- Sonicflood
9. Here I Am to Worship- Tim Hughes
10. With All of My Heart- Zoegirl


  1. I bet I've listened to did you feel the mountains tremble about a million times in my lifetime.

  2. Oh my goodness I totally forgot about Plus One until I read your post! Now I'm having flashbacks of Christian skate nights at my local roller rink and they would play this song all the time!! I've got to go dig out this CD this