Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home Video Fanatic.

I'm a home video freak. For serious guys, that's probably the numero uno reason I liked the Justin Bieber movie. Something about little kids doing silly things makes me giggle. So, I decided I needed to share some old Adam Family home videos with you guys. I mean, I think they're pretty cute. The quality is so not great (converted VHS to DVD and then uploaded to computer) but...they make me giggle. And since I like giggling (and typing that word...)

This one is from right after I turned three. I know. I have a squeaky voice.Don't have to mention that one. I thinking there's a reason J.B. got the record contract and I didn't (even though I was cuter). Probably something between the fact I couldn't sing, I threw guitars on the ground, and...I forgot the words. (Make sure you turn the speakers up, the sound isn't amazing on this one).

I know I know. I cut the video wrong and it went into the next part and then cut off halfway through. Blame Windows Movie Maker for that one. If you're wondering what my worm's name was Snake. Yes, snake the worm. No, we didn't have an impromptu science lesson on how worms and snakes were different. I was three. They both wiggle and are cute.

This one is from right after we moved to Alabama. I was in the 4-5 year old range. Not quite sure the exact date on that one. Our neighbor found a kitty cat at the front of our neighborhood and gave it to us (she already had a few). I named him Kittybaby (because he was a kitty and a baby...duh!) and he was pretty much the coolest cat ever. Let's just say I began my bossy days with him. My brothers can blame the cat on this one. :)

So. That was my life. If I feel like procrastinating might get some more videos. Let's just say I was a pretty cute kid that made up lots of songs and and had my mommy and daddy video tape them. I was so a video blogger before vlogging was invented. :)

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  1. Such cute videos! I am in love with home videos too. Too bad- we don't have that many. :(