Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pintrest-ing Finds.

1. Sometimes I feel like doing this to my younger brothers. (Hey-honesty is the best policy!)

2. I'm kind of a grammar freak.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

3. I think this would make an awesome Christmas card.

4. I love the colors of this picture. But, I also kind of want it in my future house. (But my dorm room would be okay, too. I'm sensing a tent party this fall!)

5. You should look forward to some Harry-themed posts this week!

6. I want to make one of these (I'm a headband kind of girl. You should see the collection I have in my car).

7. This one's not pintrest-ing. But, David and Victoria Beckham named their baby girl Harper Seven Beckham. Which I think is the coolest name ever. Because Harper is my favorite baby girl name and seven is my favorite number! :)

1 comment:

  1. i would LOVE to tape my brother up to the wall. although i think i've already doled out to him his allotted amount of sibling torture.

    i still use the oxford comma, too, and teach it as a rule rather than an option. i tell my students that commmas represent pauses in speech, and since there's always a spoken pause before you say "and [last item in list here]," there needs to be a comma there to represent that.