Wednesday, July 13, 2011

it's official. i'm eloping.

Sorry Daddy. Didn't mean to give you a heart attack. I'm not eloping at this very minute. No worries.

I think it all started when I came across a little blog called "Our Marriage Project". I'm not really sure who pointed me in the direction of this fantabulous blog, but it's pretty amazing. In a nutshell, boy met girl and they fell in love. He proposed. They hid the engagement for six months and did a surprise wedding. (Please go to the blog and read their story. It's actually much more exciting and romantic than my summary).  The main reason they did this was so that the focus on their wedding day would be on God and not themselves. And I have to say this kind of got me thinking about the focus of weddings.

While I know that my wedding day is pretty far in the future, I don't think it's too early to think about this kind of stuff. It seems like weddings have gotten kind of out of hand. Dresses that cost thousands of dollars (that will only be worn one day). Multiple photographers and videographers. The perfect venue. It's all things that we think about and plan. I mean, the average wedding costs twenty eight THOUSAND dollars. That's more than a little ridiculous. I recognize the fact that weddings are a big deal- but maybe we've materialized them like the rest of our lives. I have to question whether Christ is at the center of these events. Is he being worshiped? Is he being glorified? Or is the the bride and the groom's day and we just shove Jesus in the corner? Sure, we pray a prayer and someone sings a pretty song. But, is the focus on the couple or the creator?

In the midst of all these thoughts, Nicole posted this little post on her blog. And while I'm not completely sold on the idea of eloping (because I love my family and all), maybe there is something to be said about a small, intimate ceremony (one that displays how God is at the center of the relationship and the importance of family and all that fun stuff) and have a reception (with friends and extended family) at a later time. It could be like a great big party to celebrate all that God has done! (Of course, there's a small part of me that wants to go to Vegas and get married by Elvis just to say that I did. But that's another story.)

Thoughts? (And not about the Vegas thing. I was kidding. I SUPER promise that one.)


  1. I agree and have felt the same way about weddings! I can not imagine spending that much on a dress. $28,000 for one day is INSANE. I've always been a moderately thrifty/i only shop sales person so I hope my wedding reflects that. I think you can still show your style and do it without wasting money.

  2. i agree with you and kayla. there's no reason that a wedding - one day - should cost more than a year of a college education, or in the case of many of us who go to state universities, about a year and a half.

    i want a quiet, small wedding, that reflects my heart, my husband's heart, and most importantly, Jesus's heart.