Friday, July 15, 2011

Crafty/Creative Time!

Since I had some extra time on my hands this afternoon (and I really really didn’t want to study for my midterms on Monday…) I decided to work on something crafty. I mean, I love being crafty. But I really didn’t feel like breaking out the sewing machine. So, I decided to work on some projects that I could hand sew. Because I’m cool like that. :) DSC_0020

The first thing I worked on was this headband.DSC_0022  

I found some felt circles I had cut out last Christmas when I was working on a project, so I sewed them together (they were freehanded circles, just cut out of regular craft felt you get in a rectangle for 50 cents at Hobby Lobby). Then I put a button in the middle. Because buttons are super cute. Then, I took a cheap hairband I found in my drawer when I was cleaning last weekend (I’m pretty sure it was from a “Spa Kit” I got when I was 12) and I sewed the little “circle flowers” on. It was super quick, maybe took 5 minutes. And now I have this cute headband! :)DSC_0079DSC_0052   DSC_0073

Next, I deconstructed a headband I made a few months ago. I had made some felt flowers (using a tutorial similar to this one, except I used hot glue) and put them on a grey headband. It was cute, but the flowers were way too big to both be on the headband. Since I used hot glue, it was pretty easy to take apart. So, I removed the flowers and hot glued them onto a hair clip. This way, I could put them on whatever headband I want to (the one pictured below is Vera Bradley) and I can wear them separately. I can also just clip them into my hair or onto a sweater. I was pretty thrilled when I thought of all the possibilities for these babies!

DSC_0050 DSC_0042 DSC_0069

So yes. Now I have some new hairbands. (And since I have an obsession with hardbands- um hello, look at my backseat in my car- this is a very good thing.) The total cost for all of this was FREE since I found all the supplies in my house (Really, everything was in my room). Um. Yes, please. I think I will have to do this more often. :)

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