Saturday, October 1, 2011

Change: Your Life

Today is October 1st, which means it is the beginning of the 31 days blog challenge! I am so excited guys. You have no idea. The prospect of blogging every day on a preset topic (in addition to the fun ones about my life) is more than a little overwhelming. But, it's cool. Because I think this will be super fun. For the month of October, we're going to be talking about change. It's a little word, but I think it's pretty important. Merriam-Webster defines this word as "to undergo transformation, transition, or substitution." I think this it's important that we not become so complacent in our lives that we don't allow ourselves to be transformed. I'm not saying that we need to shift at every single moment to conform to the world around us (I'm actually arguing the opposite!). It's just that sometimes we become so set in our ways that we do let go of our comfortable and let God lead us into his greater plan. In Romans, Paul writes, "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." (Romans 12:2, ESV) We need to allow ourselves to be transformed into the will of God. This requires change. 

Changing your life isn't always easy. We like to do things that are comfortable to us. But, I'm learning that sometimes we need to let go of what "feels safe". I mean, I'm beginning to realize that a year from now I'm going to be graduating. I'm going to have to get a "big girl job". Interning at my church won't pay the bills, if you get what I mean. This may require me to move out of my hometown to get a job. This may mean working with people I don't know. On the flip side, if I decide to go to go to grad school/seminary, I definitely have to leave my comfort zone. I like my college with 800 students. I like running into people I know. I like working with people that I've known since I was eleven. It's "safe". But, when we chase the will of God, it may feel like we're leaving our "safety zone". It may feel like there's no longer a trampoline under our tightrope. It may feel uneasy. But, I have to believe that it's what's best. 

This month, we're going to talk about lots of changes. If you can't tell, we're going to start by talking about changing our lives. We're going to talk about changing our fears, our outlook, our faith journey, and our mission. These are HARD things. I'm not claiming to have all the answers. I hope we can work together to discover these things. Then, we're going to move to talk about changing our world and different ways we can do this. We'll take a break from the "tough stuff" and talk about ways to change our blog for about a week, then we'll jump into tackling that thing we call self-image and how we can change this for the better. We'll do a little decorating and change up our spaces, and then we'll talk about the different relationships we have and how we can work on these. I'm so excited about this month, and I hope you'll join me in our journey to change! :)


  1. I am so excited about this! I know super great things are to come!

  2. It sounds like a great 31 day journey. I look forward to stopping in and seeing what God has in store.