Thursday, April 16, 2009

#1 Gus-gus

So, today I began a new blogging adventure. I got the idea from this site. But, I'm doing it on a much smaller scale. 30 days. 1 month. 30 things of awsomeness. :) Ready?

#1 is Gus-Gus Herman Adam. He's my pet fishy. 
Gus-Gus Herman is a blue Betta fish. He likes to have his tank cleaned, eat fish food, and play fetch with his owner (wait, you mean fish don't play fetch?). He currently resides in Lupton Hall where he lives with the two prettiest girls in the building (no offense anyone else...).  His favorite color is red, but he is an AUBURN fan. War Eagle! His favorite animal is a llama and his favorite shape is a octagon because it reminds him of octopus.When Gus-gus grows up, he wants to go to med school to become a heart surgeon. On the side, he plans on practicing optometry and being a veterinarian with an emphasis on marine biology. :) 
Sadly, I don't have a picture of him on my computer yet. I will try and upload on later so you all can meet the wonderful fish named Gus-Gus.
And that, ladies and Gus-Gus.
The number 1 thing of awsomeness in this 30 part series.

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