Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#7 Footie Pajamas

So, I am really in love with footie pajamas.

No, I dont own a pair, but I really want some. With duckies or glow in the dark dinosaurs. For my birthday in 85 days. Please?
Ten Reasons Why I Need Footie Pajamas:
1. They look really fun.
2. I would wear them everywhere: school, WalMart, my bed...
3. They would keep my feet from getting cold.
4. Dinosaurs are my favorite animal. And glow in the dark ones are better.
5. It would lower my bills. No need for the heat in the winter!
6. I lose my shoes easily and no more need for shoes!
7. I would be the "it" girl at the sleepover.
8. They would make a great conversation starter-- "So, this one time in my footie pajamas...."
9. Because I really want them and you cant say no.
10.Why not?

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