Sunday, April 5, 2009

oh wow.

so, i'm really glad that last week is over. i had this monsterous paper due on friday and am so thrilled to have that over with.
i'm also thankful that i have some amazing friends to have fun with.
friends that you get up at 5 am for just to realize the ceremony you were going to was already over. friends that say "let's just to to hardee's". friends to go shopping with, who laugh at you when your purchase at kroger is "powdered sugar, lucky charms, and diet coke" (i kid you not!). friends to watch movies with (twilight and horton hears a who), friends to build bonfires with. friends to laugh at when you get lost. friends to joke around with. friends to go to church with. friends to not do homework with. friends to run in the rain with. friends you will remember forever, who have left an impact on your life that you will never forget even after you leave (hey-you need bridesmaides!).
so, i've pretty much made up my mind. dependent on getting accepted to aum (which will most likely occur), i'm transferring. bye bye auburn. i'm really feeling that even though i will miss the people i have grown to love this year, god wants something for me that i can't get here. i will so def. come visit (and see some football), but i'm really feeling god telling me that i need to be a teacher. i dont regret coming to auburn at all, and i dont think it was a mistake. i would not be the person i am today without everything i have learned this year. i have made some amazing friends, grown closer to God than i imagined possible, and gained a sense of independence. i dont regret it one bit. i do feel, however, remaining here would be a mistake. so, its time to pack up the bags and move on. god has something so much bigger in store, i cant wait to find out what it is.

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