Monday, April 6, 2009

he's waiting.

"In times of emptiness, an open heart notices. What are you feeling? Like a lonely girl missing her daddy? Like a teenage young woman feeling completely invisible, unseen? Often God allows these feelings to surface to help us go back to times when we have felt like this before. Notice also what you want to do-how you handle your heart. Are you shutting down in anger? Turning to food? To others?
What is crucial is that this time, we handle our hearts differently. We ask God to come for us, and we keep our hearts open to his coming. We choose not to shut down. We let the tears come. We allow the ache to swell into a longing prayer for our God. And he comes, dear hearts. He does come. The times of intimacy-the flowing waters of love- those times then bring healing to places in our hearts that still need his touch."
-Staci Eldredge "Captivating"

How do you deal?
How do you handle these feelings?
Are you asking God to come and move in you?
He will.

He stands at the the door, and calls upon you and knocks. As a good gentleman, he waits until you come answer the door and invite him in. He invites you to tell him your troubles, your burdens and promises rest. He will provide.

As soon as you answer.
He's waiting.

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