Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy day.

Oh happy day, happy day
You washed my sin away.
Oh happy day, happy day
I'll never be the same.
Oh no,
Forever i am changed.
-Tim Hughes "Happy Day"

So, honestly, I contemplated waiting until tommorrow to write this post.
Since tommorrow is Easter and all.
But, then I realized...why wait?
Why wait to celebrate?
Yes, tommorrow is the day we traditionally celebrate Easter, but why wait? Why "mourn" this loss? Jesus died a LONG time ago. And yes, I think it is good to reflect on all he did (the whole dying on a cross thing), but I think sometimes we forget that every day is a happy day. A day that reminds us we will never be the same because Jesus came. Jesus has already risen. He is not here on the earth currently. At this moment, he is not temporarily residing in a tomb, waiting for God to say, "Okay Jesus. Its Easter morning #2008 (or whatev). Come on out. You can come hang with me until Christmas. Then you have to go become a baby and lie in a manger. And then you can hang with me until Palm Sunday. And then, sorry buddy, you have to do this all over again." No, Jesus died 2000 years ago for you and for me. At THAT moment, he took upon all the sins the Christians had committed and would ever committ. He was crucified. Buried. And then rose on the third day. All of this happened ONE TIME. Not continuously.
For some reason, this has always been a hard concept for me. I was confused for awhile about all of it. I mean, I knew that it literally didnt happen each year (imagine the headlines!!), but I always saw it in a figuative sense. kind of. its complicated. so yeah. basically what i'm trying to say is this: everyday is a happy day because jesus died. not just the day of easter. remember that.
and thats all for now. going nighty night.

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