Monday, April 20, 2009

#5 Auburn Football

Yes, I am an Auburn fan.

War Eagle.

Now, in general, I dont like football. Too hard to understand and too complicated to keep up with. And too long. (Is it me, or does 15 football minutes take like an hour?)

But, you see, in Auburn, Alabama, this football game thing "ain't no game around here, more like religion" (thank you brantley gilbert for the loverly inspiration). So, there pretty much isn't a choice whether you go to the game (if you can find a ticket!).

so, i came to Auburn with no intentions of enjoying football, and am leaving no minding it so much. i dont know if its the tension in the air or what, its not like we have an amazing team or anything (take that how you want to). :)

I now know that you score 6 ponts when the guy scores a touchdown. And it you can kick the ball through the y-shaped thingymabopper, you get another point. And if you drop the ball, the other team can score. And dont yell anything unless you know its a good play. make sure and ask someone before you get excited about scoring, because it may be the other team. and when the eagle flies, you have to hold out the "warrrrrr" until he lands. THEN, you say eagle. and when the band plays "livin' on a prayer" you have to sing the chorus. And you get four tries to get the ball down the field. and then, when yoiu learn all of this, the worst thing possible happens.

they decide to play a special game in the spring. called a-day. this is where they show off the offense and the defense. and screw your mind up. because they play offense verses defense. and only the offense runs and only the defense defends. and they change the scoring. and you get terribly confused. and then, it goes back to the normal in the fall when they play other teams.

which all can be very confusing to someone that is ADD and doesn't understand the game.

but, there are other fun parts of auburn football. like tailgating. under a tent. with a satillite dish. watching other confusing football games you dont understands. and catching the grill on fire (that's for you, Ivy!) and spending $6 on a hamburger. and spending time with family and friends. and feeling a sense of community with 80,000 something of your "best friends". and wearing the color orange. bright orange. and laughing at people that dress up for the game. at the end of the day, you are in love. with auburn.

and so that, ladies and gentlemen, is why i think auburn football is AMAZING.

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