Thursday, April 30, 2009

#10 Newness

Yes, I made up a new word. Newness.
New people. New places. New semesters in college. New blog layouts.
I like the new.
I dont like change. Weird, huh?
I'm going through alot of new things in the next few months. I'm transferring colleges (AUM), getting a new major (elementary education). I'm moving back home (not necessarily new, but different than this past year). I will probably make some new friends (to go with the old ones). I will finally have new classes and be out of the liberalist,democratic Social Work classes, and be done with history (forever!!). I can't wait for the new classes. :)
I mean, I like the old. I like Auburn. I have some great friends that are pretty much family. I have an amazing college ministry. I have a pretty cool roommate, and a really cool one for next year (that someone can still live with if they need a place!!). Its not like the old is bad. But, I'm looking forward to something new. I'm feeling that God has a much bigger plan in mind for me, and Auburn just isn't in the equation.
And of course. I made some changes to the blog. Guess what they are?? :)

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