Saturday, May 1, 2010

link love.

- Shaun Groves' blog posts never cease to make me think deeper. Even those "Bible Stories You Won't Hear in Sunday School". But, this one...just...well...go read it.

-Um. I just found this blog. Because she adopted a cute Korean kid. But then, God worked some awesome miracles in this family's lives. And now they need some prayer. So. Yeah. Go. Pray.

-Sweet Chrissie. She had heart surgery almost two weeks ago and is a miracle.

-Um. Need a laugh to lighten the mood now? Go here. This would be why Auburn is the best place ever. Um. Hello. Taylor Swift. :)

-I found another cupcake blog. Or, shall I say, I blog with a cupcake section. Still. You get the picture.

-So, I'm not gonna lie. This post made me laugh.

-And this video...kind of feels like story of my life sometimes. Maybe I need to sit back and let God take control sometimes.

-And...self promotion here. I'm now a tumblrer (is that even a word? it means "I tumbl" and not in gymnastics. i'm too clumsy for that). So. Yeah. if you're bored you can check it out. But, it's pretty boring. And..I'm not a huge fan. Just not my cup of tea.

-And while I'm at it...take a look at my class website. I created it for class. And yeah. I think it's pretty cool. :)

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