Sunday, July 25, 2010



That would be how many support letters I have written, printed, signed, noted, folded, stuffed, sealed, and stamped in the last few days.

That would be a picture of the eighty-eight letters. If you were wondering about the size of the mess created by eighty-eight adhesive seal envelopes (wait- you thought I licked all of them?!) you go!

But, I can finally say I'm DONE (for now. Until the next batch at least!) All that is left to be done is dropping them off by the post office to be mailed. Because I'm not sure if the mailman would pick them all up. And besides, they wouldn't fit.

In other news,

I feel the urge to share an AUM Alert I received this afternoon.

Approx 1 pm Sunday, officials investigated suspicious object at Goodwyn hall and found it was a large piece of cable. Area safe.

And here's what made me want to share. I never got an alert at 1 when all of this was happening. It was only after the false alarm. I'm still struggling to see why they needed to share this information. I mean, how does cable look suspicious? Did they think it was a snake or something?

It sort of reminded me of a certain news article that I read a few weeks ago. It's the kind of thing that only would happen in Alabama (and reason 247 why I will miss/won't miss this place!).

When two families get into a fight while decorating the church for a wedding, separate plans for the holidays might be advised.

The mother of a bride reported harassment Friday that took place as two families decorated for a wedding on Central Plank Road July 2.

“The families of the bride and groom had not been getting along, and an argument started as the two families decorated the church,” according to the report.

“This escalated when the groom’s mother hit (the bride’s mother) in the back of the head with a ribbon ring, and tried to wrap ribbon around complainant’s neck,” said the report.

The groom’s brother then “body slammed” the mother of the bride. Her husband separated the two, leading to a fistfight between those two men.

Then the groom and another woman started fighting with the bride’s father.

The mother of the groom, “at some point,” bit the bride’s mother on the arm, the report said.

The complainant did not wish to prosecute. The report did not indicate whether the wedding, planned for the Fourth of July, went on as planned.

And...after all that complete randomness...I'm going to stop and save the rest of my stories for another day. :)

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