Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the journey begins...

This week is my favorite week of the summer. It's VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL time! This year, my church is going on a High Seas Expedition every morning. The kids are learning all about the deep, deep love of Jesus and how God's Word is TRUE and COMFORTING. This year, I am leading a crew of about-to-be Kindergarten children around to the different stations with two youth girls. It's only the second day, but so far, it has been fun. So, I thought I'd post some pictures. :)

It's only DAY 2! I'm sure we still have many adventures to come, but so far we've had a few. No, I haven't actually lost a child yet, but we did survive Voting Day! The church is a polling site, so today we had to adjust and rearrange a bit because we couldn't use part of the building. And, then we had to cross a busy parking lot. And one of my children may have yelled out "Hey! That guy is OLD! Does he drive crazy?" after my children's director made a comment that the children should watch out when they cross the parking lot because of old people with canes and crazy drivers. I can only imagine what is yet to come. Which hopefully won't include this girl getting sea slushed. :)

Tune back in later this week for more VBS adventures!

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