Saturday, July 31, 2010


It's been awhile since I've featured a list of things that are my "favorite" right now. Let's go.

1. "Forever Reign" by Hillsong

2. Kids Helping Kids- Check this out before you do your back to school shopping! Addisyn went to Ethiopia with her parents to adopt her youngest sister and had a life changing experience. For less than a cost of what most of us would spend on "one" article of clothing/ some school supply items, you can help send an Ethiopian preschooler to school! Check out her blog for more information on that!

3. I found my winter coat. Or at least I hope it works. It had pretty good reviews on it and was a good price. Hopefully it can withstand a winter in Chicago. I mean, someone from Toronto said it was warm, and that's more northern than Chicago, right? I'll get back to you about that in October. :)

4. I'm loving Lettergirl's handwriting and her handwritten quotes blog series! I wish I could write that pretty. Maybe I can make that a goal in the upcoming year (which I'm now referring to as The Year of Letter Writing).

5. I'm currently reading "Same Kind of Different as Me" (see reading list above in Nav Bar for more details). I'm finding myself laughing and crying at the same time. It's that good. I'll post a review once I'm done with it.

6. When I was doing my bible study this morning, I came across this line and I wanted to share it:
I'm not sure there is any more important move in our life with Christ than our total surrender to Him. Yes, this can be scary. Yes, it can be costly. But, the earthly and eternal blessings of submission to Jesus are unparallelled. What He can do with a willing life surrendered at his feet is more than we can comprehend. I just know I don't want to miss it for whatever I'm clutching in my hands.

-Kelly Minter, "Ruth: Loss, Love, and Legacy"

7.  I mentioned about a week ago that I'm making/selling canvases to raise money for my Mission Year. I made one for Mom as a "Welcome Home from Africa" present (Yes, did I mention that my parents were in Africa--Zambia--for 11 days?) and I thought I would share it. For someone as nonartistic as myself (I draw stick figures), I thought it turned out pretty good! If you want one, let me know!

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