Monday, July 26, 2010


This morning, I took the boys to go see Despicable Me. It's a super cute (and mostly clean) movie. Des spent the whole movie laughing (to the point I had to tell his to stop before we got kicked out), and I think it will probably be purchased or at least RedBoxed. I think parents and their kids would both like it.

Yesterday I added a nifty little button to the sidebar. Feel free to grab the code from beneath the button and put it on your blog/sidebar/etc. I had one on my blog before the "Big Switch" and I've been meaning to add on to this one. Its 200 pixels wide, let me know if you think I should make one that's smaller (if you have smaller sidebars and such) and what the ideal size would be.

I also made a bigger one, but I thought it was too big. If you like this one better, let me know and I can put it up for grabs too! :)

Now, back to today. I've been trying to figure out how to best use my webcam in the post-Windows Vista age. Before I upgraded to Windows 7, I used a program called YouCam, but that program didn't transfer over and it also in incompatible with Win7. So, I did a little searching on the internet and found a FREE program called Debut (well, it's free for personal, home use). The boys and I tried to create a photobooth, but I couldn't find a good program online (other that Picnik). So, I decided to make Polaroids instead. See?

We. Have. No. Shame.

None. What. So. Ever.

In other Mommy cards came in today from Kodak. Yes, I know I'm not a Mommy. But I still got some made with my information (email, twitter, blog) for when I leave for Mission Year. I figure that they might come in handy for handing out to people that want to keep up with me. So, if I know you IRL and you want one, let me know!

I have class in about 2 hours, so I should probably start by fixing some supper, gathering my papers and books, and getting ready for class! I only have THREE days left though, and I am so happy! I start finals tomorrow (one tomorrow, one Wednesday) and then I will be done with school for a YEAR! (I know, Chicago will be hard work too, but it's different!) I still need to call admissions, call my rental company, make a "Welcome Home" sign, bake a cake, and study, Study, STUDY! Oh- and learning how to cook something other than creamed corn and easy mac might be good too. All in a day's (or a few days) work, I guess! :)

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  1. Is it bad that I don't have kids and want to watch Despicable Me? I told my husband with and she kind of gave me a weird look and was like "whoooo do you think you are going with? Because I'm not going."