Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let the vast voyage begin!

Today was Day FOUR of Vacation Bible School! That means we only have ONE day left. You know, I love VBS. And at the beginning of the week, I am so excited about it. But, honestly, I'm tired. Worn out. I think sleeping past 7:30 on Saturday morning is going to be amazing! But, I have also had so much fun this week. I really have a great little crew! So, on to some pictures!

The first place we went is to Bible Story! We learned about when Peter and John healed the paralyzed man, and how the man began to JUMP! Then, we learned about how Jesus heals our wounds, too. He gives us grace when we place our sins on the cross. God's Word is LIFE CHANGING. Let's Go!

Then, we went to crafts where we decorated a picture frame and made a color scratch boat ornament thing. I don't know what they're called. And some of the craft moms offered to take a picture of me working with my kids, since I never get pictures of myself! :)

Then, the kids went to the playground, and I got a little snack break. Because running around with Kindergarten kids is hard work! Then, we brought the kids inside and had a little powdered doughnut break! (No, not messy or full of sugar at all!) And my kids decided they wanted to make silly faces for the camera so that they could look at themselves on the screen. Here's a few for you to enjoy!

After we got all of our silliness out of our systems, we headed to the Sanctuary to watch our Chadder video. Chadder is a chipmunk. This year, he is on a boat (imagine that.). It's kind of hard to explain. Google him to find out more. After Chadder, we have our Floating Finale where we sing some songs. And I take pictures with cute kids like these two (they call me Lala. And I love it.)

And that's day FOUR of VBS! Tomorrow is the last day-- and my BIRTHDAY! (That's right! Today's the last day I'll ever be a teenager!) So, I'm sure it will be full of many exciting adventures!

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