Saturday, May 22, 2010

semi/almost/weekly link love.

Here we are again.
I know it's been more than a week.
but link love...we finally meet again.

Here we go!

1. I should preface this link by saying that I'm a grammar Nazi. It may not always look like it in my posts where I don't proofread my stuff...but it matters to me. Probably way more than it should. Actually way more than it should. I inner wannabe-English teacher comes out way more often than she should. There's a reason why I'm the designated proofreader. So, when I was googling the other day (I don't remember what) and the phrase "I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar" came up...I had to click on it. And number one was formed.

2. I love Joy the Baker. She's pretty neat. And cooks pretty cool stuff (I mean, come on. Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies! Two of my favorite things). And you see, I was going back through the archives and I stumbled across a post entitled "How to Impress a Boy by Baking". And suddenly, I realized the error of my ways. Um...make way for the next Martha Stewart/Bakerella/Pioneer Woman please. Lauren apparently just needs to learn to bake. And so, I decided to pass on this "wisdom" to you. I mean, it did make me smile. :)

3. Jonathan Adler. I. Am. In. Love. With. You. (Or rather, you're stationary). You might possibly have just replaced Vera as my new favorite. Sadly, I'm cutting down on the impulse spending, so you'll have to wait until I've depleted my stationary supply. And we all know that that may take awhile. And...dinnerware? Can I just hang you on the walls? You're just so pretty. And this rug? If I had $750....I'd send it to the starving kids in Africa. Right?

4. Grosgrain is one of my favorite sites out there. It makes me feel crafty. And I have SO many patterns that I would sew...if I could sew. But, these shoes are no-sew. And they're cute. And they have rick-rack. And buttons. And Lauren LOVES some rick-rack. I mean, you just can't be sad when you're playing with rick-rack! :)

5. Um. Just read this. It's from Stuff Christians Like...and it's on a heathen site, but it's okay. You can ask for forgiveness later.

And that's it! Thanks for joining me for my semi-almost-weekly link love. :)



  1. What do I win if I can find all five links that are buried in this blog. So far, I can only find two of the five links. Am I really getting that old?

  2. OK, I finally found all five links, but they were hidden as good as the "Can you find these items" puzzles in the Highlights magazine.