Friday, May 21, 2010

Show Us Your Life Friday

This week's "Show Us Your Life Friday" at Kelly's Korner is HOMETOWNS!! :)

So. I call a certain small town in Alabama my hometown. I know it’s not exactly where I was born and all, but it’s where all my memories are from. We moved here when I was four, and honestly, I love it. In high school, all I could think about was how I wanted to get out and away, but now…all I want is to stay here and live in one of those cute houses downtown and teach at the local elementary school. ‘Cause let me tell you- after observing in some of those other counties for education hours- NO ONE is better than some Elmore County. There’s just something about the community aspect that the rest of them lack.

And yes. I know it’s probably “dangerous” to put this kind of information out there…but all you would have to do is stalk me on Facebook for approximately 3.9 seconds to figure out what high school I graduated from. I don’t make it that hard. But all that being said- please don’t show up on my front doorstep. Firstly, because we don’t use the front door. We’d think you were a traveling salesman or a Mormon. No offence if you are one…but they’re the only ones that use the front door. And secondly, you showing up would probably just freak me (and the family) out. At least have the decency to call first. :)

Here’s what you should know about my town without telling you it’s name. (Because, hello, I don’t want creepy people knocking on my front door!)

1. There’s this bridge downtown. It’s been in movies (like Big Fish) because it’s really pretty. And there’s a river that flows underneath it where a lot of people go canoeing. And kayaking. But I don’t, because I’'m not a huge fan of the rushing water that could sweep me away. They host the Coosa River Challenge and stuff here. We always know when that’s happening because there’s a lot of boats and stuff parked places.


2. We also have Fort Toulouse. It’s a really cool French/Indian encampment that’s been here since before my town was a town. The Treaty of Fort Jackson was signed here. It ended part of the War of 1812. We learned about it in Alabama History in the 4th grade. We also visited the fort at least once a year it seemed like from about 1st-6th.


Quick story about Fort Toulouse. When I was in 4th grade, we had to build an “indian house” (I know, the terminology is no longer PC). Most kids got a sheet of paper and twisted it to make a teepee. Some used cloth. You know the drill. Well, not me. Dad and I went out to the fort and took some MEASUREMENTS of the “indian home” (as in the stucture one made out of wood…not the teepee). Then, we went home and built one to scale. For me to bring in for my project. Um yeah. And you wonder why I’m a perfectionist. :)

3. About 83 million years ago (back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth) an asteroid crashed into my town. It’s, like, the only confirmed impact crater in the state of Alabama. And what’s really neat- some people think that this crater impact might have been what killed the dinosaurs. Just saying…you know you wish your town had an impact crater like mine!


4. While my town is getting bigger all the time (they’re in the works to add in a new stoplight…I think it’s number 15 or something like that), there’s still a small town feel to it. I mean, the only place to go on Friday nights is WalMart. We don’t have a movie theater or bowling lanes or anything like that. But, I like it that way. We’re still one of those small town Southern cities that has a “church on every corner”. And I don’t think that’s bad either.


5. Little League and football take over just about every Saturday in the year. And when it's not the midgets playing, the high school team is. AND that's not even mentioning college ball. I mean, around here's it's all about "who you go for?". Auburn or Alabama--War Eagle! And, I think that’s enough said.

football09 006edit

I was looking through old pictures to use in this post and found these from high school. This might explain the football enthusiasm a little.


This was before/during a Pep Rally. Yes. We take an hour out of the school day every Friday that there’s a home game.


In some places, teams roll the rival team’s school. But not in this town. We roll our own school. Except I didn’t. Because I was in bed by 10 when the fun started. I like my sleep. :)


And—that’s life in my “small town” in Alabama!

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  1. Stopping by from KellysKorner, cute blog!! Your town looks like a great place to live! :)

  2. Also stopping by from KellysKorner...we are moving to Prattville (via USAF) and are currently in Naples Italy. Small world!

  3. I'm from Kelly's Korner too. My nephew pitched at Auburn - WAR EAGLE!!! Nothing prettier than Alabama. My entire family is from Sylacauga-hundreds of them!! Great post!

  4. From Kelly's Korner too. Too funny about your comment on using the front door. We say here, "you better have a pizza in your hands if you ring that doorbell!" because pizza and Jehovah's Witnesses are the only ones who come to our front door!!

  5. I stopped by from Kelly's Korner...curious to see your Alabama small town! I live in northeast Alabama in another small town. : ) Football definitely rules around here, huh?