Friday, May 14, 2010

Show us your life... Favorite Books

So, I like to read. That really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me very well. I’m the kind of person (since I was little) that tries to find the thickest book at the bookstore so that it will last the longest- even though I KNOW that I will attempt to finish it in one sitting. Because that’s just who I am. So, this favorite books post is KIND OF a joke. Because honestly- I’ve read a lot, and I’ve liked a lot. So, this is just the beginning.

book-madeline copy

So, pictured above are some of the favorites from the ages. I’m an Elementary Education major. So, I like kids books. Dr. Seuss is quite possible my favorite. His ABC book is my absolute favorite one. The letter “Z” page is my favorite. :) And “Green Eggs and Ham”- I think I know it by heart. It’s possible I used it in a Sunday School lesson. Just because I could. And this kids LOVED it. Ha. :)

“To Kill a Mockingbird” is another favorite. Could be because I’m from Alabama. And could be because it’s awesome. My copy is SO worn out. I’ve read it a bazillion times. And yet…I still find neat things each time I read it. There could be a reason behind the fact I like the name Harper Leigh for a little girl. I’m not going to go into detail on that right now though.

I’m also a huge fan of Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks. They’re pretty awesome to for “big people”.

So. Yeah. There’s my favorite books! That was fun!

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  1. Great list! How is Plan B? I have read lots about it. Have a great week!

  2. Oh-It was phenomenal. I loved it. :)