Friday, February 18, 2011

Campus Tour

Since today was an Inservice Day and we didn't have classes, my friend Kaitlyn and I decided to take a walk around campus and take pictures. 

We started out at the clock. I like the clock.It's in memory of some president of the college. 

This is Flowers Hall. It's a pretty building. :)

 And this is the fountain that I didn't know existed until today. Even though I walk past it every day.

Historical marker. This is the photo-op you get when taking pictures with a History Ed major. :)

 Then, we went to The Green. This is the stage that I will walk across when I get my diploma. 
Interesting fact- The graduation ceremony has never been rained out. 

When we were at Flowers, we took some new profile pictures for the Facebook.Yay.


  1. I love these photos! The fountain actually looks like one we have on our campus.

  2. I know a boy who went to this same college, Heath Miller? Know him by any chance?

  3. Sorry! I don't. But, if I meet him, I can tell him I have a bloggy friend named Lauren? :)