Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebrating Life- Princess Style!

Happy 300!

This post marks the 300th post since I've started blogging. I think blogoversaries are really cool. Since I somehow missed my 200th post, I had to make up for it with number 300. I would do a list of 300 fantabulous things about my blog, but that would take way too long. So, I thought I would recap for you the big life events that have happened since the invention of this blog.

  1. On March 16, 2009 I started blogging. I went to Auburn at the time and thought that a blog would help me journal and keep friends and family back home informed about my life!
  2. I've expressed my love of cupcakes many times!
  3. Beach trip!
  4. I learned to bake Poppyseed Chicken (also known as the best dish known to man).
  5. Photoshop has become my BFF.
  6. Jon and Kate have ceased to be a married couple and have broken my heart.
  7. I made my first digital scrapbooking kit.
  8. I started sponsoring a precious child named Sandra.
  9. I did a Week in the Life album.
  10. I took a journey to a big city and learned more about myself than I ever thought I would.
  11. I taught Sunday School (and have silly stories to tell from it!)
  12. I made a quilt.
  13. I went to my first Beth Moore conference!
  14. I learned to "sew sew" real clothes.
  15. I went to Passion 2010 in Atlanta.
  16. I started classes at my THIRD (and FINAL) college!
  17. I started Project Life.
  18. Auburn won the national championship. War Eagle. :)
  19. I've settled in to life at HC and my new wonderful friends. :)
That's just a quick look at the big things that have happened in the last 300 (well, actually 299) posts. And now, for a look at my life...

  1. I made my mommy a new blog layout. I think it's very pretty, but it's not quite finished yet. So, no judging (this is just a super sneak peek!)
  2. I'm purging my clothes. AH! It's actually a really good thing (because I'm really blessed AND I can still fit into clothes that I wore Freshman/Sophomore year in high school, but sadly, my fashion choices have changed some.) So, whatever I'm not wearing, I'm getting rid of! It's a really great feeling (especially since I have a little friends- well she's taller than me, but whatever, she's 13- and she can wear my hand-me-downs!). If you've never done this- I recommend it. It gives you more space in your closet (and if you're not going to wear it- why are you keeping it?)
  3. I was shopping with my mom at T.J. Maxx today (also known as one of my favorite stores) and I found a Kate Middleton dress. Or, that's what I call it. Frankly, mine was cheaper, and I think Prince William would totally marry me instead of her if he knew I existed. I'd be the perfect princess, you know. :)
  4. Just remember that I'm not *actually* Kate, I don't have the $600 dress (mine was $30) and that I have a Mommy photographer, not the paparazzi. 

Since I like embarrassing myself on my blog, I thought I'd post a picture from last night when my hair was in curlers. Desmond thought it was quite funny (and secretly wished he could wear curlers, too!). I have to report that the bump that I was trying to achieve did not magically appear. Yet one more reason I would never make it on Jersey Shore.

And, that's a short look at my life after 300 posts (well, get what I mean).


  1. congrats! It's amazing to see where we've come since we started blogging. I'm so glad that I found your sweet blog!

  2. Happy 300th post! Love the dress you got from TJ Maxx!