Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Thursday

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. Honestly, it feels like this week will never ever ever end.
Not that it's been bad, per say, but it's sure been busy.

In the last 24 hours, I've studied for a stats test (that I left more confused than I was before I walked in. My multiple choice answers kept being a hundredth off of one of the answer choices. Grrr. I've written a 3 page outline for my critical thinking class. I've written a 4 page analysis/ rough draft of midterm paper for my Lit class (Now, I really like this one. It's going to be good. I know that sounds English nerdy, but I really liked Sister Carrie. And so, this paper is...amazing. I can feel it.)

I did laundry this afternoon. I know, laundry at 2 o'clock on a Thursday afternoon is kind of weird. But, I kind of need clothes. It's cold outside. And I was about to have to go out in a tshirt. Not smart. Now, if I can round up some more quarters (the coke machine is out. It gave me dimes as change for my dollar. Not cool.) I need to wash my sheets. Yep. And I've been here a little over a month and already some socks have lost a partner. And my pink ones are missing. Not cool. Not cool at all.

This weekend I have a few goals:

  1. Catch up on Project Life.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Sewing Machine.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Find Quarters.
  6. Sleep.
  7. Wash sheets.
  8. Sleep.
  9. Homework.
Do you catch a common theme? I am so incredibly sleep deprived. It's not even funny, I feel like a zombie. I'm working on a website for my internship, and y'all...I dreamed about this website last night! It was crazy. I think that I need to stop working on it right before bed...and the allergy meds probably didn't help either. I was dreaming about sidebars and titles and photo was crazy. Insane. This has got to stop. I cannot wait until next Wednesday when they are having their open house and I will be done with the website (or kind of. less stress on it anyways!)

On the schedule:
  • Fried Chicken and Macaroni for dinner. If I don't freeze walking to the DH.
  • Break out the Kindle again. Oh, how I miss thee.
  • Emerge tonight. If I don't fall asleep before 8:30.
  • 2 classes tomorrow. Easy proofreading. I can do this.
  • HOME tomorrow afternoon!
So...I'm leaving you with a list of 3 favorites that have gotten me through the week.

1. White Dress by Ben Rector-- Haha. New favorite song. Can someone sing this to me for Valentine's Day? Yes, please, thank you.

2. Diet Coke-- I wouldn't be conscious without this!

3. This cute skirt. I want to make one after I finish all the other to-do's on my sewing list (and it may end up being my easter dress. I just don't see the time to make option A! 

Psh...Almost to Friday, we can do this! :)


  1. Good luck with the rest of the week, girl! I remember those loooong weeks.. not that I still don't have them, they just seem so much longer when you live in the dorm!

  2. So do you want me to make a video of me singing White Dress to you for Valentine's Day or do you want me to do it live?

  3. Nicole- AMEN to weeks in the dorm feeling longer. They really do.

    Daddy- Please don't. I can do without. Really. I mean it. I meant a boy, not a daddy. :)