Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fragmented Thoughts

  1.  My thoughts are fragmented today.
  2.  So, a list was a great idea.
  3. My brain is f-r-i-e-d.
  4. And midterms are next week. Eek.
  5. Somehow, taking a semester off did bad things to my brain.
  6. I'm pretty sure that I ate a whole chocolate bar today.
  7. Plus some Thin Mints.
  8. Frozen.
  9. They're my fave.
  10. So, this horrible tragedy happened.
  11. I'm in mourning.
  12. Hopefully those botanists know what they're doing.
  13. Dude from Dadeville, seriously?
  14. I'm pretty sure the amount of cupcakes I've consumed in the last 24 hours was illegal.
  15. I also strong suspicions that there are bed bugs in my bed.
  16. Or some other biting insect.
  17. I have welts.
  18. Seriously.
  19. Somethings gotta change.
  20. But, I washed my sheets today.
  21. So, maybe that will help?
  22. Ideas for removal would be great. 
  23. I can't find any "proof" on my bed.
  24. No evidence of BB visiting.
  25. Just me. :)
  26. And my poor feet.
  27. So, I'm pretty much in love with the Bieber.
  28. Not gonna lie.
  29. Aside from that Rolling Stones interview where he sounded like a little kid that knew nothing about politics.
  30. Of course, he is a little kid.
  31. Today was a hammock kind of day.
  32. But, I don't have a hammock.
  33. So. This girl didn't get to hammock.
  34. But, I have big study plans for this weekend.
  35. They involve me, a blanket, and my school books on the Green.
  36. Or at least, under a tree.
  37. Outside.
  38. Where it is WARM.
  39. I am rejoicing, y'all.
  40. This Alabama girl doesn't know what to do in cold weather.
  41. Running shorts and Ugg boots only go so far.
  42. Global warming is a j-o-k-e.
  43. For real.
  44. I'm going to bed now.
  45. Because I have an 8 o'clock tomorrow.
  46. And I'm sleepy.
  47. And I don't do well in the mornings.
  48. I'm kind of grumpy.
  49. So, I normally go back to bed for a bit after class.
  50. Then I'm HAPPY!
Okay. We're stopping now.
Good night. :)


  1. If you can't see them, they aren't bed bugs. (at least that's what i've been told). Have you been sitting down outside recently (on the grass, concrete, patio furniture, etc.), if so then it may be chiggers. Sheets (and clothes that you have been wearing recently) must be washed in hot water to kill any bugs. Also, your favorite anti-itch cream will help with the whelps.

  2. you know my usual response on how to deal with any type of bite that swells -- household ammonia. I think it was probably a bug that got in your bed and has now moved on to new territory.