Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. 
-Coco Chanel 

The word fabulous has been stuck in my head this week for no apparent reason. Sometimes it's for serious"Oh my Gosh! Let's have a Matthew McConaughey marathon and eat frozen yogurt this weekend! That sounds fabulous." Other moments it's been used in a sarcastic manner.Such as, "Really teacher? You're going to give a pop quiz on this modernist poem that has no purpose and meaning and ask me to analyze it? Fabulous." or "Really teacher? You canceled class for Thursday and now you're going to uncancel so tthat we can watch the last ten minutes of the movie from Tuesday? Seriously? That's just fabulous." (Though I feel the need to share that I did act very classy at that moment and kept my mouth shut and my thoughts inside my head. Way to go, Lauren. Way. To. Go.)

But, overall, I had a positive kind of fabulous week. My new HC friend Kaitlyn started blogging. Friday is an inservice Friday, so we don't have class. I'm going home tomorrow afternoon. I'm coming back to campus this weekend to volunteer at a 5K (and the aformetioned MM marathon). I got to go to chapel for the first time this semester and it was really fun. I've cut back to one Diet Coke a day (finding out what it does to your body is kind of giving me the heebie-jeebies!). I updated my website so that it no longer says I'm an elementary ed major (since I put it on my resume that I'm sending out to potential internship sites! Haha.). And I've got Teddy Grahams. And my heated mattress pad is really warm, so I don't get cold anymore (now that I figured out it has to be plugged in!). And I got to eat a cupcake last night. And a new Toddlers and Tiaras comes on tonight. So, pretty much...I'm fabulous (say that in a high pitched, operatic, sing-song like tone and tell me that it doesn't make you laugh. Or at least smile).

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