Monday, February 7, 2011

step by step

Oh God, you are my God
And I will ever praise you
I will seek you in the morning
And I will learn to walk in your ways
And step by step you'll lead me
And I will follow you all of my days.

As I was walking to my first class of the day this morning (it's about a ten minute walk), I realized I had forgotten my morning prayer time in all the hustle and bustle and decided that there was no time like the present. It's normally a pretty quiet walk (aside from the fire station across the street) and I walk alone. As I walked along the sidewalk, I began to think of the many blessings God has provided since I've been at HC. All the new friends  that I have met, the Chapel and Emerge services, my easy class schedule, my internship. And I realized how ridiculously blessed I am. I know that God has placed me where I am and with the people I am with for a reason. And that reason is to bring glory to His name. He is leading me along this journey, and I am so excited about what the next two years hold.

Then, I returned back to my dorm room and read through my Google Reader. Mrs. Beth posted this amazing post this morning about choosing joy today. She issued a challenge to go through this entire day without a single criticism or complaint. I am so guilty of this. Just this morning (before I read the post, I promise!), I was journaling about how much I hated Mondays and how much busy stuff I had to do. Y'all....that's complaining! I felt so convicted as I read the post to try and cut the negativity out of my life. Yes, I am a busy college student. But, I bring so much of the pressures upon myself! If I spent less time on Facebook, I would have more time to work on that paper. If I quit procrastinating by watching Toddlers and Tiaras, I would have more time to read that poem for class! Today, I'm choosing joy. I'm claiming joy over my life and I am going to find a reason to worship in every season of my life (even the not-so-fun ones). And step by step, I know that my God is going to lead me through. :)


  1. Love this post! I, too, get caught up in the craziness that is college life and sometimes forget how awesome the God we serve is. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder to choose joy and praise Him even during the stressful times. Thanks for that reminder today! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Whoaaa. That would be incredibly difficult! I'm going to try it. I have a lot I could complain about today - but I have even more I can be thankful for. So I'll join you in choosing joy.

    P.S. I'm planning on blogging about worship soon, and this fits in with what I'm planning to say, so I will more than likely be referencing it! :]

  3. Great post, Lauren! :) I could do with a bit of joy-choosing myself... Hope you have a great day!!