Sunday, June 6, 2010

baseball and a cute dress.

This post is going to be more than a little random. I apologize in advance. It just took me a week to upload pictures from my phone to my computer. You know how that works, right?

Last Monday (Memorial Day), I went to a Braves game with the family. We drove over to ATL with some friends and had fun watching some baseball. Below, you can see the Chacos at the ballpark. Since Mom and I take Chaco pictures everywhere we go (by the way- I now have a Chaco tan for the first time EVER. I’m super excited. I just don’t tan. I burn.).


After the game (which the Braves won, by the way!) we saw the Beach Boys. And I’m going to be completely honest and tell you they aren’t as good as they used to be. We left after about the first minute and a half. Because they we LIP SYNCING. I mean, come on. I know that people like Hannah Montana lip sync, but I thought the BB were a little more respectable. But, I guess they are like a hundred years old. Probably can’t sing anymore. :( 0531001644

After we left the concert that wasn’t meant to be, we went to the Varsity. Because when you’re in Atlanta, you have to eat at the Varsity. That’s just how it goes.

0531001758 0531001816a

And that was Memorial Day.

I posted about some other events that have happened this week already on this blog, so I won’t be a repeater. But, I did go shopping today at Target and found this cute dress. Every time I walked by this dress in the past, I would say “That’s a cute dress”. I mean, it’s pink and has flowers on it. But, I never tried it on. Because it was in the girls section. And I thought it would be too small. But, today I stopped and looked at it. It has an elastic waist, and a large definitely fit me! (Um..yay!) So, it’s super cute and cheaper. And I thought the dress was too cute, so I wanted to blog about it. I also found two headbands in the dollar bin at Target and found a pair of $14 jeans at Banana Republic, so I would say that today was successful shopping day. Not bad for only an hour of shopping! :)


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