Wednesday, June 30, 2010

to Do List

1. Bring posters to ARC.
2. Finish 4 hours at ARC.
3. Finish Field Experience Packet.
4. Math sample test- do to determine whether or not to skip class
5. Find idea for VBS offering incentive.
6. Print Accomodations/Modifications.
7. Batteries for calculator.
8. Find a protractor I can read.
9. Check with references.
10. Find a special ed teacher to interview.
11. Post LiveText 2.
12. Sunday School lesson.
13. Call bank to reset password.
14. Write a letter/email to Sandra.
15. Laundry.
16. Find camera power cord.
17. Bake cake for the 4th.
18. Eye doctor appointment.
19. Study for Survey final...the one that's in approx. 2 hours.
20. Read Bible. (Job is done. On to Exodus)

This is the kind of stuff my weeks are made of. And the reason I need to stop procrastinating and get on top of things!

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