Sunday, June 20, 2010

best daddy ever? i think so.

So, for those of you who didn’t know, today is Father’s Day. If you haven’t done anything by now, you might want to hurry up, because the day is almost over.


Here’s where it all began. I’m the little one. :)


I’m thinking this is on an Easter Sunday. All I know is that there’s pictures out there of Mom in a dress that matches mine and Daddy’s tie is coordinated. I’m guessing that was back when we were one of those families. You know the ones.


I also feel inclined to mention that Daddy is the fun one. :) He let me sit on tables. Come on…you know that was probably unsafe.


This is from when we were in the process of moving to Alabama. I think. Honestly, I don’t remember that far back.

easter1Lauren with her daddy

Um. Yeah. So my Daddy’s the greatest. :)


After about seven years, there was an addition to the family. That went/goes by the name of Max. I’m still not convinced that that was a good decision. I think my imaginary friend was a little less annoying. :)


And then, about four years later, along came Desmond. I just had to throw this picture in. It makes me laugh. :)


And here we are today. Yes, it looks slightly different than the first. But, that’s a good thing right? I don’t think (okay, I know. There’s genetics involved) that I would be the person I am today without my Daddy. And for that…I am thankful. :)

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