Friday, June 25, 2010

life at this moment

I'm back (for another week of life at this moment at least!).
So, we've done introductions....and the sharing of summer goals. What to do next? (If you know the answer to this question....leave it in the comments, I'd love to get some ideas. Haha!)

Plans for the 4th of July, what are you doing? (Thanks to Mom for this week's idea!)
We normally spend the day up at the lake for the fourth. This year, since it falls on a Sunday, we'll get up and go to church in the morning (and I'll teach my 2 kids that show up for Sunday School). Then, we'll head out there. I also plan on making this super cute cake!

I'm listening to....
Silence. Or asthmatic computer in the silence. For once, Pandora and/or iTunes aren't pulled up. And the boys are being relatively quiet. This silence thing isn't really a bad thing. :)

I'm reading....
The Bible....Job to be exact. I was reading in the Chapters 38-39 range last night. You should totally go check that out. I serve an awesome God. That's all I can say.

I'm thinking about...
Many things. But I think this post on my other blog kind of sums it all up. Pray with me? I know that I need some guidance on this one. :)

I'm inspired by...
This book. I really can't say enough about it. :)
I mean, I see random people walking down the street and I tell them about it. Okay...maybe it's not like that, but I have had a conversation or two about it on campus. With people that I semi-know (yes, MOM, that's a word).

5 favorite links of this week...
1. This spoke to me.
2. Hobby. Lobby.
3. I'm pretty sure I've linked to this blog every week.'s kind of one of my favorites.
4. Bakerella. She's my fav.
5. Gap Year? What do you think about it? How about this? (, I know that technically made 6 links...but who cares?)

Picture of the Week...
(note: this doesn't actually have to be a picture from this week. that would be way too difficult here.)


Note to self: Wear flip-flops less and chacos more. Must. Work. On. That. Chaco Tan. It's FADING! (You see...I've always wanted one. And now I have a very faint one). This picture is from football season last year. Because I don't have a recent one uploaded to Photobucket and I'm too lazy to do that. :)

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  1. A. I'm pretty positive no tv will be best, or at least I get to choose the shows they watch.

    B. No, we have to stick with neutral colors. I'm thinking light blue or green.

    C. We'll how see the regular blogging thing works out.