Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ten things from Genesis.

So, I think it's time for an update on my Bible Reading and how that's all going.
I'm reading through the Bible in a year, and I'm following the Radical Experiment's Bible Reading Plan. So far, it's going pretty good.

I'm reading in Genesis right now, and here's what I've picked up on:

1. of course, there's the whole creation story. God creates the heavens and the Earth. Then, he creates man. Says "Hey, this is pretty good". Then man goes and eats the fruit and sin enters the world.

2. I'm a fan of the genealogy stuff. There's this guy names Enoch. He lived 365 years and then one day he disappeared because God took him. Not because he died. Nope, he just disappears.

3. Then, the people turn even more evil. And God decides that he doesn't want to put up with humans for such a long time, for they're only mortal flesh. So, from now on, humans are only going to live 120 years. But, all this broke God's heart, and he was sorry he ever made humans.

4. So, he floods the Earth. And because Noah honors the Lord, he lets him build an ark to live in while God floods the Earth. Noah builds said ark at around 600 years of age. Pretty old. Noah and his family hang out in the ark for about a year. Imagine being stuck in a boat with your family and a bunch of stinky animals for a year. With no bathroom breaks to escape.

5. I already posted about my global warming revelation.

6. Then, comes this guy named Nimrod. His name was proverbial. He was like, the greatest hunter in the world. I didn't know that being a nimrod was a positive thing. Maybe he turns bad. We'll just have to keep reading this B-I-B-L-E thing if we want to find out, huh?

7. Then, there was a guy names Eber who had two sons. One was named Peleg. Which kind of reminds me of "Peg Leg". Just sayin....

8. Then, Abram and Sarai go to Egypt and he says she's his sister instead of his wife. Um. Gross. And the Lord curses the Pharaoh. Because he wants her. And yeah, you get the picture.

9. And then, a bunch happens ( I need to blog more, for real!). Lot comes into the picture. Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed. Ishmael was born. Sarai is promised a baby (Issac) . She laughs. Lot's wife turns to salt. Oh- and Abram and Sarai become Abraham and Sarah. Much easier to type. :)

10. Old Abe and Sarah once again try the whole brother sister thing. Didn't they figure out a few chapters ago that that wasn't a good idea?

Okay, so that's ten things I've learned in the first 21 chapters of Genesis. We'll continue with some more at a later date. :)

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