Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25

Day 25: Ipod Shuffle
I've been looking forward to this day since I saw it on the list! While I'm a huge Pandora fan and actually probably listen to that more than my Ipod, I think this is so much fun. Like, you know those cool surveys that people used to do on Facebook/Myspace where the answer to the question was the song that came up on shuffle? Yeah. I like that kind of stuff. For real. And, I know that I really need to update my Ipod (hello- Taylor Swift's Speak Now isn't uploaded yet and it's my new fave!) and I have a really um...diverse set of music on there...but I like it like that. And it's my Ipod, so you know. I get what I want. :)

1. Church Music (Dance)- David Crowder Band
2. First Time For Everything- 5 Times August
3. MMMBop- Hanson
4. You Alone Can Rescue- Matt Redman
5. Our God is Love- Hillsong
6. Don't Walk Away- Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)
7. I'll Make a Man Out of You- Mulan
8. Forever and Always- Taylor Swift
9. Take A Bow- Glee Version
10. From the Inside Out- Todd Fields

In other news, I have officially begun my Christmas List! I know, it's only the first week in November. But, WalMart has their Christmas stuff out now, so I believe it is time to begin. I'll try and wait a few weeks before putting up the tree. :)

Here's a few of the thing's that are on my list (Um, Mom. This is for you. Since you always ask and claim you never know what to get me.)

Firstly, I'm really liking Vera Bradley's headbands that just came out. They're called the "Knotty and Nice Headband".

I also like the regular pleated ones they've had for-ev-er. I have one in Java Blue that I got last Christmas and I love it. I wear it all the time, even when it doesn't really match. It's one of the few headbands I can wear all day and not get a headache.

For my BIG Christmas present this year, I'm really wanting a Kindle. I mean, I love to read and they would be so much easier to carry around than a big stack of books (I mean, it holds 3500 books. That should last me awhile). And Amazon has a lot of free books (mostly Classics), so I would have a great excuse to read those. 

And...that's all for now. I'm sure I'll find some more things to add to the list at a later point (I mean, hello- ETSY!), but it has to start somewhere. Now, I think it's time to log off the computer and get working on my quilt a little more. We're on Square Number Four. This could take awhile....


  1. LoL give it up for my generation! bhaha.
    great list (both)!

  2. Ok this is a wake up call for me. I must do my Christmas list sometime this weekend because my mom has already started buying stuff for me and I want her to get me stuff from my list!

    And I must say...I am a huge fan of Mulan so it made my day that, that showed up on your Ipod :)