Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27

Day 27: Pets

There is a fat cat that lives at my house.

His name is Stripey.

Max (the older of the younger brothers) got Stripey when he was two-ish (I say that because I can't really remember when Stripey joined our family, just the fact that it was a long time ago). I guess the silly name makes sense when you hear that it was thought up by a toddler! :)

We've also had three other cats. My first kitty's name was Kittybaby. That was when I was five.
Then, he ran away and we got Tiger and Cottonball. And then they died/ran away....and so now we just have Stripey. Sadly, this all occurred in the pre-digital camera era that I don't have scanned into my computer! 

Secret Church last night with Dad was really amazing. I'm planning on posting on it at a later date after I have time to:
A. Process everything.
B. Get some sleep (We got home at 3 am).
C. See if the stuff is posted online!

So, definitely look for that in the coming week or so. In other news, Desi's football team won their game today and move on the the Cricket Championship Game. It's very exciting! They went undefeated this past season and did very good. Now that the weather is cold, there are more fumbles and such, and we were scared at the end (We won 18-14...and they had the ball), but overall it was a good game (even with the lack of sleep on my part). 

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