Wednesday, November 10, 2010

christmas cards.

Shutterfly has an amazing promotion for bloggers this holiday (well, Christmas!) season. In exchange for a review blog, they are offering 50 free Chrismas cards. I think that is totally a good deal and it sounded like a great idea for my family. I love Christmas cards (sending and receiving), but Mom doesn't like the cost (I mean, starving kids in Africa!). So, I thought I'd share some of the Christmas Cards I would pick. We're planning to take pictures later this week, so my pictures aren't in the ones pictured below (um, duh), but I'll be posting the pictures and all later.

I love this "Top 10 Moments" card.

And this photo card.

They also have a great selection of religious photo cards that are actually cute. That's not something I can find very often! :)

So, I would encourage everyone to go over to Shutterfly and check out their selection of Christmas cards (and regular cards and invitations and such) because they're really cute. I've never gotten the cards from Shutterfly before, but I have made scrapbooks through them before and they were very high quality. Bloggers can get free cards by going here for more information.

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  1. oh no. I ordered mine yesterday. I didn't know about the promotion. boo. btw, thanks for following me on my blog. not sure if i thanked ya yet =)