Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: Favorite Vacation

I really feel like I've already done this one. Between "A Place You've Traveled To" and "Favorite City" and the fact I really don't like taking vacations because they get me all off schedule and such, I'm just going to check this one off as done.

Although our family trip to ATL this past Easter weekend was pretty fun and exciting. We went to the Passion Good Friday Service (put on by PCC) on Friday night, then we got up Saturday morning and did some easter dress shopping and ate some cupcakes. Oh- and I got to go to the American Girl Store for the very first time. It was super cool. Trust. Me. Read more about that trip here

In other news...TODAY IS ELECTION DAY! If you haven't voted yet, you better hurry up. I mean, the polls close soon. And really- how hard is it to draw a line across the arrow and put that paper through the scanner box? We are so privileged to be Americans that have this freedom and soldiers are dying/ have died for this right. Don't waste it. Even one little teeny tiny vote counts. I know that we may all differ politically, so I won't argue about the who's and the what's. I just think it's an important practice to get into.Yay Election Day! :)

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