Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I think you're funny when you tell the punchline wrong...

It's been awhile since I did a link love. So, I thought I should do one.

1. Boyce Avenue. This is my new favorite band. I was introduced to them by Christine over at Bun and Borough. She kept featuring them on her weekend playlists and...I AM IN LOVE. For real guys. I thought I was excited about Chris Tomlin's album releasing (which I still am)...but, for real. You need to check them out. To make it easy, I'm posting my faves from YouTube.
Teenage Dream. Please let it be known I hate strongly dislike Katy Perry. You really don't need to hear my inner thoughts about her. But, Boyce Avenue's cover of this song is better than the Glee version (which I really like). And it changes some of those icky parts I'm not terribly fond of. Gotta be able to sing it in front of the little people. Haha. :)

Dynamite. Showed this one to Max. He's come up with a parody of the original. It's about Bologna. I'm trying to convince him to let me video him so that he can be a YouTube superstar and make me millions. But, Boyce Avenue's cover is pretty good, too.

2. I was thinking I needed another craft project to work on. Like, I don't have enough on my plate with the pants, dress, and quilt. But I saw this scarf on KevinandAmanda and I thought it was cute. And you know, I need a cute scarf for Friday night football games. And the Iron Bowl. And- to look cute everyday for that matter. And- if you're looking for cute fonts, she has some of those, too! :)

3. This is cool. Not gonna lie. If I tweeted more, it would so be on my Christmas list. But, I don't think my life is that exciting.

4. Can I please have cute handwriting like this please? Thank you. :)

5. Another good CD. As if I haven't given you enough to purchase (thank you #1!), you should check out The Church at Brook Hill's praise team CD called "The God We Praise". My favorite song: The Body of Christ. This would be complements of Secret Church. Amazing guys. Amazing. If you're wanting to look into their theology on worship, they have a blog here with some insightful information. It hasn't been updated in awhile, but still useful.

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