Monday, November 29, 2010

shorty is a eenie meenie miney mo loverr...

Black Friday. Daddy and I went to the outlets at midnight. I got some skirts, tights, a cardigan, and a cute anthopology-esqe shirt. Oh- and a dressy dress that I don't have an occasion to wear anywhere yet...but at $14, it was too good of a deal to pass up. I think all in all I saved a ton of money. Banana Republic had a 50% off sale, Ann Taylor LOFT had a 40% off sale, and I got my $14 dress from White House/Black Market. So, I'm pretty happy! :)

A great victory was won on Friday when Auburn won the IRON BOWL. Yes, it was quite miserable at times (and SCARY!) and I think that Auburn did not play well the first half--but a win is a WIN! Now, we just have to beat South Carolina next Saturday in the SEC Championship. One week at a time. :)

I did some sewing today. Worked on the pillowcase dress I mentioned a few posts down (Question: Have any of you made these before? What did you cut your arm holes? Mine look so TINY!). I'll post a picture when I get a chance. I also made a quick skirt out of a shirt (that's more like a tunic...but is actually a nightgown from Walmart) and some elastic. I'm not sure how much I like it (it's kind of short and all) but, I think it'll work over some leggings or as the bottom section of a dress like this. I'm still deciding. I'll also post a picture of this when I get a chance. Mom took some cute pictures of me sewing. Haha...I passed Home Ec- even if the iron was removed from my hands so I wouldn't singe the fabric and I didn't know how to cook!

I had a great Thanksgiving spending time with family and eating lots of yummy food. Pictures are somewhere on someone's computer...but I don't have them. Haha. So, I'll have to post those later. But, I found this graphic today on a blog I read and it made me think of how blessed I am. :)

One last note, the giveaway to my shop ends TONIGHT. So, make sure you comment on this post (for one entry), follow on Facebook (another entry), and tweet about it (for ANOTHER entry). You can go to this post for all the details. Make sure you get those "entries" in! :)

(EDIT: Giveaway is now CLOSED. Tune in tomorrow to see who wins!)

Title from J.Bieber's "Eenie Meenie". Thank you small brother for getting this stuck in my head so that I had you go YouTube it. In other news...who heard the news that Bieber got a haircut??!!


  1. Wow. I hope you don't mind if I use that poster sometime. I've read it twice, and just sat here.

  2. Don't mind at all. I got it from another blog I read. Haha! :)