Monday, November 15, 2010

crafty/creative stuff.

Ruffle Pants.
Thank you Google Images.
Funny story. The Walmart in my town is remodeling. I hate everything about it except for the clearance aisle. Since they got rid of the fabric section, they had some kits and stuff on sale. So, I got a sew-yourself-some-lounge-pants set for A DOLLAR. No, I can't really sew all that well. But, the fabric is cute and it's got the pattern and elastic and all. So, I think I'm going to make myself some lounge pants. And since ruffle pants are so-darn-cute, I think I'm going to add some ruffles. Who really cares if I look five in my pajamas? (Not me clearly. See last year's christmas post for more details on how I embarrass myself on a regular basis.)

Pillowcase Dress
Picture from tutorial here.

There's a little girl that I need to get a Christmas present for this year. Or rather- I'm supposed to make one. She's six or seven and she lives so far away from me, so I still picture her as a little girl (I think she was 3 last time I saw her.) And since pillowcase dresses are sew cute (haha, get it?) I decided I should branch out a little in my crafty/creative mind and make some. I found some really cute vintage pillowcases on Etsy that I'm thinking about. But, I'll probably visit the local flea market to check before ordering. :)

found on Etsy

I mean, we all like Flea Market Montgomery. It's just like...It's just like...a MINI MALL!
Sorry. Can't help myself.

Moving forward then...

I also found some cute felt flower hair clips I'm thinking about making to go along with the dress. I mean, every girl needs to dress up their hair!
via eighteen25
via Raechel Myers
And of course, I'm still working on that quilting...
um....this one's all mine.
I have eight squares done now. Only twelve more to go. The squares pictured aren't sewn together (obviously!) but I wanted a picture of all of them. In the final quilt, there will be a plain white block in between each of the "bowtie" blocks. I just haven't cut them out yet... I'm not sure exactly how it will all pan out since I'm actually 5 "bowtie" blocks short (since I only got 4 blocks from each material...I apparently can't multiply right to purchase fabric!). I'm going back and forth between buying more fabric and just making the quilt 7 squares by 6 squares (I can add probably one more "bowtie" by piecing). Not real sure yet, but I think I have awhile before I have to make the final decision. :)
Mom's probably about to murder me for posting pictures of our ancient tile floors.
So what. They aren't pretty and scream 1970s.
I needed a picture of my quilt!
And the lighting? It's horrible. Probably because it's 7:30 at night.
Um...I don't think my brain can handle more of this crafty/creative gumbo-jumbo.
I think we'll call it a night at this one.
Maybe sew some quilt squares. Hand sewing is more time consuming than first thought. But, it is very relaxing. Especially when you're watching the Channel of Disney (that's what I get for living at home).

And...that's all. :)


  1. AHHHHH I love those felt hair pins. I get excited easily, sorry for the AHHHH! Great job on your ideas. I can't wait to see more and hear more about your quilting.