Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Downside to blogging and my mom and dad being followers of aforementioned blog....

I can't post about the really cute Christmas presents I am making for the immediate family. I mean, the little brothers might read it too. Who really knows?

All I know if that I just placed an order for super secret supplies from Amazon (because they're cheap and I get free 2 day shipping for being an Amazon student member--which is FREE if you have a .edu email!) and will be getting to work on the presents as supplies arrive.

I'll have to take pictures and hide them on my computer so that I can post all about it on Christmas morning. Or. Well. Whenever I get to a computer that day. Because, you know...I'm a blogger like that! :)

And so...I was about to post pictures of the supplies...but I realized that would kind of give myself away. Real smart, Lauren. Real. Smart. 


  1. Aw I wish I was creative enough to make my Christmas gifts. Wish I could see your supplies! :)

  2. I love the student discount with Amazon!