Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Change: Your Self Image

Where does your self image lie on the spectrum? For the next few days, we're going to get inside our little bubbles and learn a little but more about ourselves. Now, I don't claim to be a psychologist, so please don't expect anything super profound. But, I think when we talk about change, we can't neglect to think about our self image. What is a "healthy" self image? I mean, I don't think its too great if we have a super good view of ourselves and think that we are better than everyone else. That causes pride. But, on the flip side, I don't think we need to view ourselves negatively. That causes self-hatred, which isn't very good either.

Here's the thing. We were made in God's image. Often, we talk about how we shouldn't hate other people because they were made in God's image, but we forget that this applies to us too! Psalm 139:14 says, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." We cannot change ourselves to find true love and acceptance from our creator. According to Psalm 139, we are loved the way we are. When God made man, he didn't just see that he made him good- he saw that he made him VERY GOOD. We were made in the image of God. We were created very good. When we look negatively upon ourselves and compare ourselves to others, we are disagreeing with God. It's kind of like we're sitting here complaining about how he made us. It sounds kind of ungrateful. Don't try to conform to someone else's standards of success, God made you the way you are for a reason! He made you good!

I want to challenge to to examine your self image. (Try not to be too critical or too prideful here- that's kind of against the point!). If you need a little help, I've made up a little worksheet. Just few simple questions that might get you started. You can go here and download it from Google Docs. I just want you to get basic understanding of what you're working on and what might need to change. I also want to encourage you and have you think positive thoughts about yourself. Not everything needs to change. You might have a great self image. But- you might be hiding something.Or you might not ever know you have a problem. Let's start this five day journey to changing our self-image together. You don't have to turn it or post your answers. This isn't a test. I just want you to work on this for yourself. Maybe you want to print it off and put it in your Bible or Journal. Maybe you're cheap and just want to write it down to save on ink. Whatever you want, however you want...let's get our hearts in the right place. Okay?

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  1. I love the worksheet and the idea of morphing self-image. Everyone needs a good tweaking here and there. Thank you for a great post and wonderful 31 days topic :-)

    -Amy @ Featheredfriendsy.com